Suflé al turrón

Turrón soufflé

Ingredients: 300 g cream and walnut turrón. 150 g butter. 200 gr sugar. 14 egg yolks. 6 egg whites. Preparation: Melt the turrón in a bain-marie. Add the softened butter...

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Higos al chartreuse con turrón

Figs in chartreuse and turron

Ingredients: 12 lady’s neck figs. 250 cl whipped cream. 150 g sugar. 1 dl of chartreuse. 150 gr Alicante turrón, crumbled. Preparation: Whip the cream. Add the chartreuse and...

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Carpaccio de frutas al turrón

Fruit carpaccio with turrón

Ingredients: Melon. Watermelon. Mango. Black plum. Strawberries. Strawberry, wild. Kiwi. Orange. Peach vine. Preparation: Cut all the fruit evenly, about 2 mm thick. Arrange on a dish, combining the...

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