Pack Turron Jijona (soft) (20+4)

This pack contains a total of 24 tablets of Turron Mou from Jijona Maria Simona, at a price of only 20.

The turron de Jijona is a soft Spanish nougat made from almond powder. It is light brown in color, has a smooth texture and crumbles very easily. It is a delicious mixture of roasted almonds, sugar, egg white and honey.

The soft turron of Maria Simona is made according to the traditional recipe.

We only use top quality Spanish ingredients.

Our turron has a designation of origin and is protected by the Regulatory Council of Jijona.


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The production of Maria Simona’s Jijona soft turron follows the traditional recipe.

The Pack Turrones Jijona contains a total of 24 tablets of  Maria Simona’s soft Turron of Jijona at the price of only 20.

  • Net weight : 150 g
  • Shelf life of the Turrones Jijona pack : 9 months minimum.
  • Keep it fresh !Once opened, store in a cool, dry, dark and odour-free place, either in its original packaging or wrapped in foil or film and then in an airtight container. It is a common mistake to keep nougat in the fridge, which only spoils its organoleptic properties as well as its aroma and texture.
  • Ingredients : 64% roasted almonds, 12% honey, sugar, glucose syrup, egg white and emulsifier: (E-471).
  • May contain traces of peanuts, sesame and hazelnuts.

This product does not contain gluten, so it is suitable for coeliacs.

Maria Simona Jijona soft nougat has a designation of origin and is protected by the Regulatory Council of Jijona.

The origin of the turron of Jijona

Although no one can deny the close link between the city of Alicante and this delicacy, it was originally the city of Alicante itself that produced most of the Spanish nougat. The reason why this small town is a world reference in turron production is nothing less than a legal dispute.

In 17th century Spain, guilds dominated commerce, powerful organizations with exclusive rights to grant titles and manufacture certain products. A shoemaker could only produce shoes under the supervision of the shoemakers’ guild, and a baker did not exist without the licence of the bakers’ guild.

In this strange ecosystem, we find the masters of turron. The turroniers were not specialists of a guild, but farmers who earned extra money by selling this delicacy. This was not to the liking of the Valencian confectioners’ guild, who considered honey and sugar products to be their domain. So they filed a lawsuit against the turroniers of Alicante.

The trial began in 1665 and the litigation would continue for 6 years. In 1671, a court decision allowed the Valencian guild to take control of the turróns of Alicante, which quickly made the industry disappear from the city.

Thus, the inhabitants of the small municipality of Sexona, now Jijona, took over from the capital. Away from the eyes and influence of the guild, local artisans have managed to bypass the ban on sugar and honey, thus establishing themselves as the home of authentic Spanish nougat.

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