Turron with Catalan Cream


Also known as “toasted egg yolk turron”, Catalan cream turron is made from toasted egg yolk and ground almonds. Its color, aroma and flavor are those of the egg yolk used in its preparation, carefully combined with almonds.

Maria Simona’s turron with Catalan cream is made according to the traditional recipe.

We only use top quality Spanish ingredients.

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Maria Simona’s Turrón with Toasted Yolk, also named Catalan Cream, is made according to the traditional recipe.

  • Net weight: 200 g
  • Shelf life: 6 months minimum. Keep it fresh ! Once opened, store in a cool, dry, dark and odour-free place, either in its original packaging or wrapped in foil or film and then in an airtight container. It is a common mistake to keep nougat in the fridge, which only spoils its organoleptic properties as well as its aroma and texture.
  • Ingredients: Sugar, almond, egg yolk (7%), glucose syrup and preservative (E-200). May contain traces of nuts and milk.

This product is gluten free and therefore suitable for coeliacs.

The history of the Catalan cream turron

The Catalan cream is a typical Catalan dessert. It has been made in this region since at least the 16th century, but is probably much older. In fact, this cream is an evolution of the custard, which was already manufactured in the Republic of Rome a few centuries before Christ.

This dessert consists of an egg yolk-based custard covered with a layer of caramelized sugar. Catalan cream turron uses toasted egg yolk and sugar similarly, which is why it is also called Catalan cream nougat, although it does not contain flour or milk.

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1944KJ 465kcal

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