Discover our delicious recipes using Spanish nougat as the main ingredient! Whether it’s crispy or soft turron, there’s something for everyone. Simple and effective, try them and you’ll love them!

Turron d’Alicante

Do you know Turron d’Alicante? As winter wraps the Spanish landscape in its cool embrace, Turrón de Alicante comes to warm hearts and palates with its sweet delicacy, where crunchy almonds meet the sweetness of honey. Let’s dive into the sweet world of this confectionery with deep roots in spanish tradition and celebration. Texture that

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recette de crêpes fourrées au turron et aux fruits

Recipe for Crepes Stuffed with Turron and Fruits

A quick, simple, and super tasty recipe for crepes stuffed with Turron and fruits! Ingredients For the crepes : 1 cup all-purpose flour. 2 tablespoons of sugar 2 eggs1 cup of milk 2 tablespoons of melted butter A pinch of salt For the filling: 200g of Turron with Crema Catalana flavor, crumbled 2 ripe pears,

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pommes farcies au turron

Stuffed Apples with Turron Recipe

A delicious recipe for Pommes Farcies au Turron for autumn? Here we go! Ingredients 4 apples (preferably firm varieties such as Reinette or Golden) 150g Alicante or Jijona turron, with or without sugar, as you prefer 50g butter 2 tablespoons honey 50g chopped walnuts or almonds (optional) 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon powder Zest of one lemon

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parfait aux fruits rouges

Turron Parfait and Red Fruits

Feeling a little hungry? Try our recipe for parfait with Turron and red fruits ! Ingredients Preparation of the Turrón Parfait Preparing the turrón mixture : Preparing the creamy base : Preparing the egg whites : Dessert blend : Refrigeration: Before serving, garnish each glass with fresh red fruit and a few mint leaves for

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Where do peanuts come from?

Groundnuts (Arachis hypogaea), also known as peanuts, ground peas or ground pistachios, are a curious plant belonging to the Fabaceae or leguminous plants, although this may come as a surprise to some: the flowers bury themselves in the ground to produce their fruit!

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caramel, cream, flan-1958358.jpg/flan au turron

Turrón flan

Recipe for Maria Simona’s Turron Flan Ingredients: For the caramel : 200 g of sugar 2 tablespoons of water For the flan : 200 g of turron de Jijona Maria Simona (you can also choose the nougat depending on the texture that suits your tastes and preferences) 500 ml of whole milk 4 eggs 100

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