Where do peanuts come from?

The Origin

The continent of origin of the peanut is South America.

Today, however, India and China are the main producing countries. The southwest of France also has a small production zone, in the Landes region, where the climate is ideal.

Peanut(Arachis hypogaea) or groundnut, peanut, ground pea or ground pistachio. Here’s a curious plant that belongs to the Fabaceae, or legumes, although this may surprise many. The flowers bury themselves in the earth to produce their fruit!

The peanut is an annual plant with leaves composed of several pairs of oval leaflets on an upright or creeping stem, depending on the variety. The yellow papilionaceous flowers develop in the leaf axils around May-June. They have a gynophore which, after pollination, becomes longer and longer, eventually curving down to the ground, where the fertilized fruit ripens 3 or 4 cm underground. It’s a pod inside which the seeds are wrapped in a red tegument.

Location and favourable association of groundnuts

This is a plant that can be grown in pots if you’re in a region that’s too cold and damp. Choose a deep container at least 30 cm in diameter. Give it a try!

In the vegetable garden, it will thrive near corn.

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